Cultural Mosaic Quest

Cutural Mosaic Quest

This quest is based on experimental learning, challenging tasks and exploration of cross-cultural topics in the open city context. The main goal is to reflect on our own patterns of thinking and evaluation of strangers. Why do we use stereotypes? Where can they be helpful and when are they problematic? This quest is about experiencing a feeling of foreignness, saying farewell to worrying about being different and learning strategies to stay confident in an ever more international world. An amazing opportunity to prepare for a longer period of studying or staying and working abroad. It is also a great chance to get more sensitive towards such pan-European challenges as an effective integration.

6076970349_7436c769e1_zDuration: 2-3 hours

Level: High school, University, Adult education 

Relevant subjects: German/English, social studies, history.

Learning methods: Group work, interacting with locals, playing, presentations.

Special notes: In smaller groups, participants will be on their own for shorter periods.