Holocaust and Remembrance

Holocaust and Remembrance

Walking from Reichstag to Potsdamer Platz, participants are introduced to Berlin’s and Germany’s history, focusing on the five Holocaust memorials. This expedition goes into depth with the different memorials, their role in the city and poses the question: How do the Germans memorialize the dark past of their country?

With various props, we aim to sharpen the senses of the participants and as a result bring about an alternative experience of the memorials.


Still from the memorial to homosexuals persecuted during WWII 

Duration: 3 hours
Learning methods: Presentations, group work, competition, performance.
Relevant subjects: German, history, arts, architecture, geography.
We can stop for food and drinks if you let us know before hand. We are always ready to learn more and therefore happily take special requests. Contact us if you have special interests or professional/technical enquiries.