Who was Silvio Meier?

Resistance in the 20th Century

Communists against nazis; workers against strike guards; Eastberliners against stasis. In this educational game, participants experience five historical scenarios all revolving around the theme ‘Resistance in 20th century Berlin’. The participants take turn being opposition or regime and will experience a little bit of Berlin history on their own body.

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Duration: 3-3,5 hours
Relevant subjects: German, history, social studies and physical education.
Learning methods: This game combines learning and movement, at times physically challenging. Group work, individual assignments and competition.
Special notes: Remember to eat well beforehand! This is a physically challenging game.
We gladly stop for food and drinks if you let us know before hand. We are always ready to learn more and therefore happily take special requests. Contact us if you have special interests or professional/technical enquiries.