Start Up Challenge

Start Up Challenge

Again and again Berlin is announced as Europe’s version of Silicon Valley, the famed start up melting pot in California. And with good reason: Living costs are low, rent is affordable and creative people from all over the world is attracted to Berlin.

But how does innovation actually emerge, and what does it entail to found your own start up company? Heck, what is a start up company? These are the questions we tackle in our workshop on innovation and the start up scene in Berlin.

Start Up Challenge: Entrepeneur Workshop

We had our first intern, Sissel Hansen from Denmark, in 2014. Out if it came among other projects the book “Start Up Guide Berlin”, a guide to the entrepreneur jungle of Berlin.

Our take on it is a live version of the Start Up Guide. When meeting up in Berlin, two entrepreneurs, who either works in a start up company or have founded a start up themselves, will share their experiences as to what works and what doesn’t, problems you can run into and how you might get passed them. After this introduction to entrepreneurship and the start up scene in Berlin, participant receive a Start Up Challenge: Found your own start up in 60 minutes! This will result in the participants’ presentation of their ideas and the two guest-entrepreneurs will offer valid feedback as the official Start Up Challenge-jury!

Duration: 3-3,5 hours

Relevant subjects: Marketing, business economy, innovation, social studies, English/German.

Learning methods: Workshop, debates, presentations and pithing.

Special notes: It is possible to get online access to the book before coming to Berlin in order to dive into the topic of innovation and entrepeneurship.

Food and drinks can be built into the programme if you let us know before hand. We are always ready to learn more and therefore happily take special requests. Contact us if you have special interests or professional/technical enquiries.