Beyond the tours and back

We are currently working on several projects that will soon be featured here but feel free to contact us if you have a project or need guidance within our field of expertice.

Since day one we have taken on projects and we believe our knowledge of this city combined with our academic backgrounds makes us a valuable partner when working with the city of Berlin or the German language in an educational context.

Dönerkind Projects operates essentially as a small start-up within the company utilizing the broad spectrum of skills and experiences represented in our company to take on interesting and groundbreaking projects.

Custom Tours

We are skilled in creating any type of tours and can meet your needs. Are main area of focus is naturally educational aproaches or at least trying to bring some sort of twist in to the tour, making sure you will always get an unique experience when experiencing with Dönerkind.

Consulting in matters about Berlin

Our close connection to the city and constant experience of the city makes us a valuable partner for especially interest coming from outside the Berlin area, but we would argue that we sometimes would be able to surprise the most innate Berliner.

We offer services in Scandinavian languages, German and English and with backgrounds in Journalism and rhetorics we are capable of meeting most of your needs in terms of text production, advertising etc.

Our educational approach

We focus on an activity-driven learning concept that also distinguishes Scandinavian students in being very resourceful and creative, a aspect famously enjoyed around the world in for instance or unique approach to design and engineering.

In our experiences we encourage the user to use their creativity to solve the problems that are presented to them, assignments are always open-ended and for the most part require cooperation between group members. Whereas history can’t be changed the way it is perceived, presented and lives on today is always a matter of subjective understanding and thus becomes a much more debative and lively affair than just presenting the mere facts of what occurred.

Future – working in the city – augmenting the experience

The academic and technical backgrounds of our current team let’s us work beyond the classic sense of experiencing the city into new digital realms utilizing new mobile and augmenting technologies to enhance the possibilities of the user. The connection between city experiences and seamlessly blending in information, games, challenges, pictures, videos, social media connection etc. opens up a whole new way of interacting with the city you experience and we offer counseling, development and cooperation of any type in any project you like.

Partners and former projects