We are

Dönerkind is a team of creative minds working to expand the understanding of how you experience learning in the city space, with a specific focus on Germany and Berlin.

Our main product is to create sustainable educational expeditions. By ‘sustainable’ we mean expeditions that use local communities and local Berliners as our starting point. Our expeditions don’t cover half of Berlin in three hours, but will give you inspiring insights into one specific neighbourhood.

Two reasons inspired us to this approach: First of all, a lot of people who come to Berlin are guided towards the usual and often very touristy highlights, and we think that they hereby miss out on some of the more interesting stories of the city. Secondly, the number of tourists in Berlin is continuously growing so fast that many Berliners fear that the city will loose its charm to franchise café chains.

We therefore wish to guide our participants towards a more local stay in the city by living, learning and interacting locally.

The other, and more recent side of Dönerkind is using our varied knowledge of education, the German language and unique knowledge of Berlin and Germany in general, to provide counseling on or leading projects about f.x. german affairs or urban learning, developing teaching materials, or creating awareness on language and the uses of this.

Behind ‘we’ are Rasmus and Louise. We both have an M.A. in Rhetoric and German studies from University of Copenhagen (2012) and studied at Freie Universität Berlin in 2007-2008. The last year we expanded the company with five new people. Jens, Anne, Kirstine, Annia and Kasper all come from very different academic backgrounds, that together build up a very unique set of skills ranging from social work to game design.

We are  all experienced teachers in different fields, but first and foremost we love Berlin – and Dönerkind is our way of passing on the love.